Tips for Finding 5 Parent & Teen Approved Outfits for Fall

Anyone with a teenage daughter knows that shopping for clothes can sometimes be a challenge. Finding clothing that is affordable, durable, appropriate, fits well and receives a teenager’s seal of approval can test even the most experienced shopper. Unlike when my daughter was young and we could find her entire wardrobe at one store, shopping for teens involves more hunting. We will often visit one of her favorite stores and only be able to find more one or two items that either fits or is age appropriate. I’m excited to share some styles and tips with you today that have helped my daughter and I find common ground when we are updating her wardrobe.  It has been fun watching her develop her own sense of style. For sizing reference my daughter is 13 years old, just under 5’4 and typically wears a girls size 16 or women’s size xs.

Shopping Tips for Finding Parent & Teen Approved Styles

Buy on-trend prints in age appropriate styles. My daughter loved the cool camouflage print and I appreciated the fact that the shirt wasn’t belly baring or oversized and sloppy. This ringer baby tee is lightweight enough for a warm fall day. Add a cozy cardigan once the temperature drops.

camo ringer baby tee, cardigan, similar jeans

Add brand name accessories to complete an outfit. Accessories are one area of the teen market that tend to be reasonably priced.  For example, this name brand bracelet pictured above is only $6.00. This scrunchie  is part of a set of five and draws attention to the pretty mauve color stripe on the dress below. Accessories have the added bonus of being appropriate for a wide range of ages.

t-shirt dress, twill field jacket, sneakers

A pair of sneakers makes any outfit cooler. These sneakers can coordinate effortlessly with everything from a pair of jeans to a cute dress. I have even spotted them with cocktail dresses in Homecoming pictures. Sneakers are one of those items that you can apply the price per wear equation to when shopping for a teen. The amount of wear my daughter will get from these balances the higher price tag.


Buy on-trend styles in age appropriate cuts. Cropped shirts and sweaters are a huge trend this year. This sweater and this sweatshirt are a great compromise because both are cropped, but not belly-baring.

crop half-zip sweater, similar denim jeggings, sneakers

Look for name brand items at a discounted price. Can you believe I found these name brand jeans and olive jeggings (pictured above and below) on a recent trip to Costco for $13.00!!! Unfortunately, they are no longer available at Costco, but I found the same pair of olive jeggings here and a similar pair here for a reasonable price.

varsity-striped trim hoodie, similar zip-pocket jeggings, similar boots

Teach your daughter to wear the clothes, not let the clothes wear her. I encourage my daughter to pick styles that highlight her beauty rather than just buy something because it’s “cool”. She demonstrated she had been listening when after a recent trip to the mall with friends, she came home with the top pictured below. We had seen a similar top on a prior shopping trip, but it had been cut much wider and wasn’t flattering. She was so excited to find it in a slimmer fit and was quick to point out that although white tops tend to wash her out, this particular top had touches of green, blue and lavender that she could make pop by pairing it with her twill jacket or other colorful accessories.

top, twill field jacket, jeans, similar boots
top, twill field jacket

I remember how important it was to feel like you fit in as a teen. We all remember those items that we simply had to have. For me it was an ESPRIT bag and guess jeans with the ankle zipper. There are a couple non-negotiable items in our home that our daughter is not allowed to wear yet. I have made a point to talk about why I don’t feel comfortable with her wearing those items instead of just saying no. Sometimes she understands where I’m coming from and other times she thinks that I am being completely unreasonable. We aren’t always going to see eye to eye on what is flattering or cute, but as long as she chooses clothing that is age appropriate, I will respect her fashion choices.

I also find that she is more willing to follow my advice if I listen to her advice concerning my own style choices. Sometimes I will invite my daughter and her friends to pick out my outfit for a night out or accessorize what I have already picked out. It’s fun to get their input and they get a kick out of being my stylists. My Number #1 tip is to make the shopping experience as fun as possible, so that it will continue to be something you enjoy doing together for years to come instead of a point of contention.

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