2021-2022 First Day of School Printables

Although this has been the shortest summer break EVER, I think it may also be our most eagerly anticipated first day of school. They missed being on campus with some of their best friends last year and are hopeful that they will have a lot of familiar faces in class with them this year. My son will be a freshman this year and my daughter is entering her junior year. I’m excited to have them at the same school once again. Watching my daughter and her friends take their freshman siblings under their wings has reminded me of why I wished I had had an older sibling to follow into high school. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching my son’s football games and (🤞🏻) convincing the two of them to take a photograph together before they head to the first dance of the year.

It wouldn’t be the first day of school without the obligatory photograph by the front door at home, standing next to your new classroom teacher or posing by your school’s marquee (in my case, my kids suffered through all three options during their elementary years). My favorite shot has always been the one by the front door holding a simple white frame inserted with a printable stating the year and grade. Often times you have to pay extra to have the school year printed on school photos. It can be tricky to remember which photo is from what year. The candid shots by our front door usually capture more of my kiddos personality and give me a concrete way to tell when the photo was taken. Here are two shots of my kiddos from the very first year I printed a Back to School sign for them to hold.

I re-designed my FREE Printables this year so that you wouldn’t have to use quite so much ink when you press print. If you preferred the old design or like continuity in your First Day of School photos click HERE for the older version.

Check out this post if you are looking for ideas on how to organize your student’s school work this year and this post if you have a student about to enter middle school.

Have a FANTASTIC school year 🍎

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