A Fun Family Activity Celebrating Dad

Last year when we went out to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to make the dinner conversation all about Dad. Everyone came up with trivia questions to find out who knew Dad best. Each family member asked a question and everyone would give their best guess, before my husband shared the correct answer. We all kept track of how many question we were able to answer correctly for bragging rights at the end of the game. The entire family learned something they didn’t already know about Dad, had a lot of laughs sharing our answers and kept the focus of the dinner where it should be…on Dad!

Create your own list of questions or use the questions that I came up with below to find out who knows the dads in your life best this Father’s Day. Click on the graphic below to print or download a copy to fill out at the start of the game to keep a record of the answers. Have FUN!

Have a Happy Father’s Day Friends!

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