A Tip To Make Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bike Easier

Anyone that has ever spent time running crouched behind a two-wheel bike while helping a child learn to balance knows that it is backbreaking work. After last week’s blog post about Tips to Keep Kids Safe While Riding Their Bike, a friend asked me to share the trick that made teaching our kids to ride a bike so much easier. After a couple unsuccessful attempts to teach our eldest we discovered the Balance Buddy. It allowed us to teach our daughter to balance without sacrificing our own comfort.

The Balance Buddy easily attaches to the back of a bike to provide adults an adjustable handle with a non-slip grip. It allows adults to jog along behind their child to prevent them from toppling. Once the rider has gained momentum, adults can easily let go without the throwing off the rider’s balance. You can find the Balance Buddy on Amazon.com for under $20.

Balance Buddy (bike not included)

The Balance Buddy can also be used with training wheels to help push your child along when they are still learning how to peddle.

I went through our photo albums to find a picture our kids learning to ride using the Balance Buddy. Unfortunately, they got the hang of riding so quickly once we attached the Balance Buddy that I didn’t have time to capture it on film. These before pics made me smile.

I have lost track of the number of friends that have borrowed our Balance Buddy and successfully taught their children to a ride a bike. I would recommend it to anyone that is about to teach their kiddo to ride a bike for the first time.

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