Black Gingham Tie-Waist Midi Skirt- 3 Ways

It was love at first sight when I saw this tie-waist black gingham midi skirt. I knew that this would be a great addition to my closet because of its versatility. I could picture wearing it to a graduation party, outdoor luncheon, or a date night. Before I buy an item I always always ask myself if I already have at least three items in my closet that I can pair it with. I find that it makes getting dressed more fun when you can go shopping in your closet in order to mix and match your outfits to fit your mood.

  I wore the skirt with a black off-the-shoulder tee, and black ankle strap sandals to my son’s 5th grade promotion. I bought the skirt in a size 6 and the off-the-shoulder black T-shirt in a small. (For reference I am 5’4 and 140 pounds. I am somewhere between an hourglass and a pear shape).

gingham tie-waist midi skirt, off-the-shoulder shirt, rattan clutchankle strap sandals,

The embroidery on this spring garden tee makes this next option feel fun and flirty. I changed out the heels for black sandals to accommodate an afternoon of lunch and shopping. I bought this spring garden tee in a small.

spring garden tee, gingham tie-waist midi skirt, black sandal

This last look would be great for an afternoon BBQ that goes well into the night. I added a hat to keep me protected from the sun and a denim jacket for when the sun starts to set. The V-neck pocket tank is a size small.

v-neck pocket tank, gingham tie-waist midi skirt,
gingham tie-waist midi skirt, v-neck pocket tank, similar denim jacket

I don’t think this skirt would qualify as a basic wardrobe staple, but I couldn’t resist the big bow and cute gingham print. The best part was that I was able to coordinate the skirt with a number of options I already had in my closet. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing because it was love at first sight?

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