Cute, Comfy, Quality Bras for Girls

I’m super excited to share a new company with you today that I wish had been around a few years ago when my daughter was approaching the teen years. You all know by now that my goal is to always post ideas and products that will make your day a little brighter and your life a little easier. Bleuet fits that description to a T for moms and daughters looking for an easy and super cute first bra buying experience. It is also ideal for tweens and teens in the market for a comfortable, quality, everyday bra made by a company that makes a point to support young, strong females making a difference in our world.

I remember being so excited to take my daughter to the mall for her first bra. I had visions of us sipping iced drinks, casually browsing the racks before oohhing and aahhing over the pretty lace undergarment she finally settled upon. She would be so excited, that she would ask to wear it home and we would walk out of the store smiling, arm in arm.

Then there was the reality…

There were tears, complaints and refusal to ever actually wear what we ended up buying. My daughter was mortified to have the saleswoman see her with her without a shirt, much less come close to her with a measuring tape. Everything she tried on elicited comments about how uncomfortable the wire was or that the lace was scratchy. To make things even more difficult the large lingerie department had minimal bras available in her narrow band size. I felt awful and frustrated all at once as I watched her cry and refuse to wear something she clearly needed.

This is where Bleuet would have made life so much easier. On their website they have a special section dedicated to buying your first bra. It helps you determine when to purchase a first bra as well as how to measure at home to find the perfect fit. Finding sizes and styles that work for young ladies can be a challenge. Most lingerie departments and stores don’t carry bras with a band width smaller than 32 or have a very limited supply. If they do carry a smaller band width, often times the cup sizes don’t exceed an A. Bleuet’s bras are made to fit girls age 7-18 that are a variety of shapes and sizes.

Within a matter of days a special box will arrive on your doorstep. Inside your daughter will discover a beautifully packaged bra along with a few other treats to celebrate this milestone purchase. Receiving such a cute box filled with goodies only makes the first bra buying experience all the more special.

white Bleum bra c/o Bleuet

The very first thing my daughter and I noticed when we unwrapped her new bleum bra was the SUPER-SOFT fabric. Besides feeling like a dream the first bra is also

  • tagless
  • reversible in an assortment of colors
  • moisture wicking and breathable
  • double lined with great coverage
  • supportive
  • adjustable with thin straps that don’t dig

Bleuet believes that tween girls don’t need bras that look sexy, they need bras that make them feel comfortable, confident and supported. Bleuet offers first bras, everyday bras, sports bras, camisoles and tumble shorts. Bras are available in tank, racerback and crisscross styles. My daughters only complaint about her Bleum bra was that it would not work with some of her v-neck shirts. We were thrilled to see that Bleuet just released the Iris soft cup bra. It is geared for more developed girls and has a more traditional shape that will work with all necklines.

Supporting companies that are socially and environmentally responsible has become important to me over the years. I love the fact that Bleuet partners with girl entrepreneurs that are making a difference. One example is that Bleuet donates gently worn returns to foster girls in need through the organization Hailey’s Haven started by 15 year old Hailey O’Donnell.

white Bleum bra c/o Bleuet

My daughter has been wearing her new Bleuet bra for over a month now. Although she has been wearing bras for a few years, she has been reaching for her Bleum bra more often than not because she still prefers a bra without underwire and lace for everyday wear. I have been impressed by how well it has held up in the wash. The white has not yellowed or pilled several washes.

If there is a girl in your life who is approaching adolescence or you are in the market for a well made bra that your tween or teen will feel good wearing, I would recommend checking out Bleuet. Bleuet is offering Parker Posts readers 15% off their purchase for the next month when you use the code Parker15.

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