Father’s Day Favorite Finds

I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself scrambling for a great Father’s Day gift at the last minute. The guys in my life can be really hard to shop for gifts. They tend to either buy what it is they want for themselves or claim to not want anything at all. Does this sound at all familiar? I’ve put together a list of 5 Father’s Day favorites that have been a hit with the dads in my life in case you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift.

1. My husband can be found wearing these joggers most evenings and weekends. They are awesome for travel too! The lightweight material is great alternative to terry cloth for the summer months. They are available in 3 different lengths and 14 different colors. These are pricey, but the price per wear will make it worth the expense.

2. This brand of polo shirts seems to be the only one my husband wears anymore. It’s his #1 pick to wear to the office, golf course and out with friends. I’ve seen men of various shapes and sizes all wear this brand and the fit couldn’t be more flattering.

3. My husband bought this hat for himself a couple year’s back and I liked it so much on him that I bought myself one this summer. The wide brim offers great protection from the sun. The $29.95 price point makes it an affordable option. I especially love the cool prints on the underside of the hat. Locals, head over to Lemon Gift Shop in Danville to find 4 different print options or order online and receive free shipping on all orders over $50.

4. A friend recommended this grill brush to my husband. He liked it so much that we gifted it to both our dads in turn. With BBQ season ramping up, this makes a great gift for your favorite griller. Order by noon on June 14 to guarantee delivery by Father’s Day and use the code TREATDAD for 10% off.

5. No matter how old we get, receiving something to play with is always fun. This Bug-A-Salt gun uses table salt to shoot those pesky flies that sneak into your house. You will find that the men in your life will start to leave the doors and windows open on purpose in hopes that they can put their new gift to the test.

I hope one of these items sparked a gift idea for the dads in your life. Add your own favorite Father’s Day finds in the comments to help anyone that is still searching for ideas. Here is a fun Father’s Day activity for the family that puts all the focus on DAD!

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