How I Earn Money Keeping My Closet Organized and Clutter Free

As the season gets ready to change from summer to fall, it is the perfect time to clean out your closet. I’m excited to share a few ways that I keep my closet organized and clutter free while earning over $500 this past year alone! I’ll be giving my followers a tour of my closet and demonstrating exactly how I put these tips to use today on my instagram stories. You can find me at @parkerpostsinsta if you are not already a follower.

How Do I Keep My Closet Uncluttered and Organized?

I keep my tops separated into 3 sections. The first section contains dressier tops that I might wear in a professional situation, on a date night, a for special occasion or to church on Sunday. The second section contains casual fall and winter tops such as my flannel or button-up shirts. The last section is my spring and summer tops and tanks. I challenge myself to try and wear every top once before I wear anything a second time. There are two methods that I have used to help me accomplish my goal.

At the beginning of a new season, turn all the hangers in a new direction. As items are worn and washed, those pieces get put back on hangers facing the opposite direction. At the end of the season/year anything still facing the original direction is ready to be donated since it hasn’t been worn for at least six months.

closet organization
hangers facing opposite directions

Place an empty hanger at the farthest end of the closet. After items are worn and washed, it is placed on the other side of that hanger. This places unworn clothing first in your line of sight getting dressed. At the end of the season/year there are usually one or two tops that continue to sit right in front, but that you have found excuses not to wear. Those are the items that should be set aside to sell or donate because you are no longer finding joy in them.

closet organization
empty hangers separating unworn and worn clothing

My other method for keeping my closet clutter under control is to only bring a new item in after taking an older item out. I am at the stage in my life where I have more than enough coats, pants, and tops to see me through my days. The only reason to add something new is to replace an item due to wear and tear, to freshen up my wardrobe with a couple trendier styles, or to replace something that no longer fits properly. I place these items inside a basket in my closet to sell or donate. Here are three examples of items I replaced this year:

A favorite flannel had pilled and become rough over time, so I replaced it with a new version in a similar color scheme.

A trendy top from a few years ago was my last pick to wear every morning, so I replaced it with a shirt I couldn’t resist while out window shopping.

A pair of black pants that tended to gape at the waist and couldn’t be worn without a belt. I kept an eye out for a similar pair with a better fit to go on sale so that I would feel my best the next time an occasion called for black pants.

closet organization
a basket for clothes I would like to sell or donate

What Do I Do With the Items I No Longer Want?

In the past, I always had a tough time saying goodbye to name brand or “like new” clothing, shoes and bags from my closet that I was no longer wearing. The reality was that the space they took up weighed on me and I didn’t enjoy spending time in my closet. We all have those pieces that look like new, but that don’t quite work for our lifestyle or size anymore. Then, I discovered thredUP. thredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store. They accept high-quality women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, fashion jewelry, and accessories. Now, I don’t feel guilty cleaning out these items because I knew I will be either getting money that can be put to good use or my clothing will be reused or responsibly recycled. Once I cleared out my closet to only include items I really enjoyed, getting dressed became something I looked forward to doing everyday and my organized space makes me smile.

How Does thredUp Work?

Go to and click  the CLEAN OUT tab. Request a free bag to be sent to you. Once you receive the bag in the mail, you can fill it with items that are :

  • Clean and freshly washed
  • Brand name
  • On trend and less than 5 years old
  • Free from tears, stains or rips
  • In excellent condition

    thredUP bag

Once your bag is full simply leave it for your mail carrier or drop it off at any FedEx Office or USPS location. thredUP will process your bag and notify you regarding which items they have accepted. They will give you an option to receive thredUP shopping credit, a VISA Prepaid card, or cash out on PayPal. You can find more information about how it works, items they want right now, quality standards and how payouts work on their website.

What Items Have I Successfully Sold on thredUP?

  • clothing my children have outgrown from Gymboree, GAP. Old Navy, Ivivva, and Nike
  • special occasion skirts and dresses from Anthropolgie and Ann Taylor
  • blouses from Nordstrom, Ann Taylor LOFT,  and Anthropologie
  • jeans from Ann Taylor Loft
  • purses from Coach and Dooney & Burke
  • heels from Nine West
  • active wear from Lululemon, Lucy, Athleta
  • scarves

Today, I focused on how the tops hanging in my closet are organized. Would you like to see more closet organization tips on Parker Posts? What items do you struggle to organize? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the concept of cleaning out your closet right now, start small. Set a timer for twenty minutes, order a clean out bag and turn around your hangers. I’ll be back in future posts to help you tackle the rest of your closet soon.


  1. Nicole Runfola

    September 7, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Okay, you have me convinced! I am going to try threadUp. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Parker

      September 8, 2018 at 6:19 am

      You’re welcome!!! Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand thredUP can’t currently fulfill bag requests. When this happened before I waited a couple weeks before checking the website again for bag availibility. I’m hoping bags will be available again soon and I’ll keep you posted.

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