How to Brighten Your Home for Spring

Spring is officially here! I couldn’t wait to infuse our home with a little sunshine due to the fact that it has been raining almost nonstop in the Bay Area. March is the perfect month to brighten up your interior with the fresh, sunny hues of a spring day. My favorite way to decorate for spring is to bring elements from nature inside the home. This includes fresh flowers, moss, nests, eggs, plenty of bright yellows, greens and blues with a bit of whimsical Easter decor sprinkled throughout. Here is a peek at my home decorated for spring.


Potted daffodils, tulips or hydrangeas are a great way to greet guests with a pop of color when they enter a home. Moss covered balls placed inside hurricane vases bring a hint of nature inside. The green moss is affordable, easy to find and will last quite a few years if properly stored. 2 ½ , 4 and 6″ moss balls are available here. The carton of moss eggs hints at egg decorating to come, but doesn’t scream Easter so that it can remain out after the the holiday has come and gone.

Living Room

A sweet nest and birds eggs in soft blue and cream breathe new life into my darker hued living room. I bought this nest at one of my favorite local home decor spots, The Nest. I found a similar one here.

birds nest and speckled eggs


Fresh flowers, a bright kitchen towel and a set of treasured vintage mixing bowls passed down from my Grams brighten up the kitchen. A heaping bowl of fresh fruit is one of my favorite kitchen accessories because it adds color and provides a healthy snack that is easy to grab. My kiddos often snack on the cherry tomatoes while studying at the island.

I picked up these chalkboard placemats here. I love the fact that they can be customized for every season and encourage creativity. My family has fun taking turns doodling pictures and messages for everyone to enjoy. They are currently on sale for $7.96.

chalkboard placemats

How adorable are these decorative wooden beads with the pink yarn tassel and bunny appliquéd heart! They add a cute finishing touch to this egg candle vignette. View all the different beaded garlands that are available here. If you live locally, you can also find them at Lemon in downtown Danville. I have several garlands that I switch out with the seasons because I couldn’t pick just one. Tulips, a chalkboard sign, and a handmade bunny from a dear friend balance the sideboard.

Family Room

Changing out a few key pieces on our built in shelving each season keeps our space from feeling stale. I use moss and speckled eggs in various colors and sizes as vase filler. I found similar speckled eggs here. Candy speckled eggs are an inexpensive, yummy and pretty alternative to fill a decorative vase or bowl.

During summer vacation I send my kids out into the yard to experiment using all of the various settings on our fancy camera. My son captured this close-up image of a rose in our garden a couple years ago, which I then blew up and mounted on foam through the Costco Photo Center. It is a cost effective trick to fill those empty spaces on your shelves with images that are both meaningful and seasonal.

The built in shelves don’t get a lot of sunlight and aren’t conducive to live plants. I added a touch of greenery with some faux plants that I picked up at The Nest in Danville. A large moss covered bunny complimented the moss eggs on the opposite shelves making the overall display more cohesive. The ceramic lemons are one of my most prized possessions. My husband and I spotted this cheery piece while honeymooning in Italy. Decorating with meaningful items found traveling is not only a great conversation starter when entertaining, but it also adds your unique personality to a space.

I find such joy in decorating for the seasons. Each season presents a new opportunity to combine inexpensive finds with priceless treasures. Items are often moved to several different locations before they find their permanent home for the season. It is rare to find something in the same spot from year to year. I think this allows your home to constantly evolve as tastes change and new things are added and subtracted from your home decor collection. Happy spring lovely chickadees 🐣

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