June Odds & Ends

A Fun Family Activity Celebrating Dad

Last year when we went out to dinner to celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to make the dinner conversation all about Dad. Everyone came up with trivia questions to find out who knew Dad best. Each family member asked a question and everyone would give their best guess, before my husband shared the correct answer. We all kept track of how many question we were able to answer correctly for bragging rights at the end of the game. The entire family learned something they didn’t already know about Dad, had a lot of laughs sharing our answers and kept the focus of the dinner where it should be…on Dad!

Create your own list of questions or use the questions that I came up with below to find out who knows the dads in your life best this Father’s Day. Click on the graphic below to print or download a copy to fill out at the start of the game to keep a record of the answers. Have FUN!

Have a Happy Father’s Day Friends!

You all know I love sharing a great find when I come across something too good to keep to myself. Lately, I’ve been talking to girlfriends about how hard it is to buy undergarments for tween and teen girls. Finding sizes and styles that work for young ladies can be a challenge. Most lingerie departments and stores don’t carry bras with a band width smaller than 32 or have a very limited supply. If they do carry a smaller band width, often times the cup sizes don’t exceed an A.

Recently an Aerie store opened at a mall nearby. I was thrilled to find that they offer bras, bralettes, undies and more that come in a wide range of sizes (30A – 40 DD) and styles that are appropriate for tween and teen girls. The styles are comfortable, non-provocative, on trend and affordable. Many tween girls just beginning to wear a bra regularly balk at wearing underwire styles and prefer the comfort of an athletic style bra. Aerie offers a great selection of wireless bras that offer the comfort and support of a sports bra, but are more appropriate to pair with dressier attire. Here are a few of my favorite Aerie styles that would be an excellent place to start when building a lingerie collection:

Aerie Real Sunnie Wireless Lightly Lined Bra

This all around classic bra is wireless, super stretchy and supportive. Smooth lines make it the perfect t-shirt bra. It is available in 5 colors and on sale for $26.97.

Aerie Real Happy Wireless Lightly lined Bra

The best thing about this full coverage, wireless, lightly padded bra is the fact that it can be worn two ways. A j-hook in the back gives you the option of pulling the straps together to transform it into a racerback style. It is currently on sale for $23.97.

Aerie Softest Lace Padded Bralette

The pretty design of this bralette is on trend to wear with outfits that would be complimented by a touch of lace peeking out. It is available is sizes xxs – xxl which is equivalent to sizes 28B – 40DD. The xs was the perfect width for someone that typically wears a size 30. It is currently available in four colors and on sale for $24.46.

Happy Shopping 🛍

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A Daily Summer To-Do List for School-Age Kids

I love providing my kiddos with a healthy dose of relaxation during the summer months, but I also appreciate having a little structure to our day. The Daily Summer To-Do List gives my kiddos clear guidelines on what we expect from them each day and allows them the freedom to choose when and how they would like to complete their daily responsibilities. The thing I like most about the Daily Summer To-Do List is that I avoid having to nag and answer the question “Can I have screen time?” a couple dozen times a day. Instead, my children have a concrete list of responsibilities that they can refer to before sitting down in front of the TV, grabbing the iPad or playing XBOX.

Last summer I placed our Daily Summer To-Do Lists in a clear acrylic sign holder. This year, I laminated them and posted them on the refrigerator instead. Both display methods allow kids to check off each responsibility with a dry erase pen and wipe it clean at the end of the day.

One of my favorite aspects of the Daily Summer To-Do List is the ability to fill in the blank for daily chores. During the school year I emphasize to my children that their primary job is to be a student. That isn’t to say that they don’t have daily chores or aren’t expected to pitch in when we need something done around the house, but I don’t usually give them extra tasks to complete after school. The focus during the afternoon is on homework and having a little down time. The same reasoning does not apply during the summer. Instead of traditional spring cleaning, I like to save many of our organizational and less frequent cleaning projects for the summer months when everyone can pitch in. I create a Summer Cleaning List to help us keep track of what needs to be taken care of over the summer.

The amount of assigned chores varies from day to day. Some days all five blank spaces might be filled with smaller tasks and other days there might only be one large task for each child to tackle. Often, my kiddos are given the same list of tasks and they can decide if they would like to divide and conquer or work together as a team. Other days, I might give my daughter and son separate tasks that only pertain to them such as cleaning out a nail polish or lego collection.

One of the most effective methods we use when organizing is to take three paper grocery bags and label each bag toss, recycle or donate. Once the task is done I will deposit the items from each bag where they need to go. As I come across a cluttered drawer or household chore that has been neglected I add it to the Summer Cleaning List. I will either assign tasks from the Summer Cleaning List or let my kids choose which task(s) from the list they would like to tackle that day. Some of the items I have my kids clean out each summer are their backpacks, pencils, crayons, markers, socks, underwear, boardgames and books. Household chores can include dusting baseboards, wiping down cabinet fronts and rinsing out indoor trash/recycling containers.

Summer is a great opportunity to teach children how to effectively complete household tasks when you might have larger chunks of time together to offer them assistance. On days that my kiddos are on their own, I know that I can leave a list for them and find it completed when I return home.

Let me know if you find any of the printables in this post useful for your family this summer. Simply, click on the checklists above to download or print.

Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken (June)

Individual packages of caesar and southwestern salads have been a staple in the refrigerated section of Costco for years now. On my most recent Costco excursion I noticed that the Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken had recently joined their ranks. The Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken is an appealing salad option for anyone that prefers fruits to veggies and would like to stay away from creamy dressings. The mango dressing and dried blueberries definitely appealed to my taste buds. I found all of the ingredients to be yummy and fresh. The grape tomatoes were firm and the lettuce crisp. While I prefer to create my own salads and dressings from scratch to avoid the extra sugar and sodium that accompanies pre-packaged salads, there are many days where I need something that is easy to just grab and go without having to take time to wash and chop individual ingredients. If you are looking for a new quick and easy meal option that is healthier than fast food, the Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken will be a welcome addition to the salad section of your local Costco Warehouse.

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