Last Day of School Printables 2019-2020

Summer is officially here! The end of the school year certainly doesn’t resemble years past. Open house, field day and end-of-year pool parties were always my cue that summer was almost upon us. Without those milestones, the end of the school year doesn’t feel quite real. My kids have been asking me to make French toast for the last couple weeks, so we are going to celebrate with a special breakfast. Are you doing anything special?

I have forewarned both of my children that I will be taking a last day of school photo at some during the day. I think the most authentic photo will be to capture them in their pj’s with bed head after having just rolled out of bed well after the time they would have gotten up back when they had to actually go to school. I was looking back at my son’s first day of school photo yesterday and had to laugh at how long his hair is in comparison to the close cropped cut he sported last August. I have begged him to let me try my hand at trimming his hair just a little, but he is holding firm with his refusal (he’s probably making a smart choice 😂 ). Will you commemorate that last day with a photo? Here are my Last Day of School Printables just in case you are planning to document the end of another year.

Click here to download printables!

Congratulations on the end of a school year that we will never forget 🎓

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