Costco: 2019 Favorite Finds

Costco is on of my monthly shopping rotation for snacks, produce, meat, and household items. I’m often amazed by the incredible deals I can find on other products as well. Often times, some of my best finds are only available for a limited time and easy to miss when visiting the warehouse. I look forward to sharing my favorite products with you here, so that you can keep an eye out on your next visit to the warehouse or while browsing

PS My favorite petite friendly Munki Munki Pj’s from last January are back in stock online. Scroll down to read more about sizing. I currently have the white pair in my cart. After almost a year of wear, these are still the softest pajamas in my drawer.

Snow Gear for the Entire Family

I hate to spend a ton of money on snow gear that will be quickly outgrown and (depending on the season) not receive a ton of wear. I often turn to Costco for outerwear, underwear, footwear and more to wear on our trips to the snow. Their snow gear is durable and half the price of other popular snow gear brands. Snow gear at Costco tends to disappear before the snow even arrives. Make sure you shop early if you are planning to head to the slopes this winter. Click on the images below to be linked directly to the products.

Shopping Trick: I like to purchase black snow pants, snow boots and long underwear for my children so that it can be handed down to both girls and boys easily. Snow gear can be easily resold because it doesn’t get a lot of wear and tear and styles remain consistent from year to year.

T3 Twirl Single Pass 1 ¼” Curling Iron

Last year, I couldn’t wait to share that the T3 hairdryer I had been eyeing for quite some time had been stocked at Costco for a great price. I’m thrilled to report that the T3 curling iron showed up on the warehouse shelves recently arrived as well. The T3 Twirl SinglePass curling iron is $160 at popular beauty stores, but only $59.00 at Costco. I haven’t purchased this particular product yet because I’ve been holding out hope that Costco will start to carry the T3 Twirl Trio Convertible Curling Iron. I would definitely purchase this if you are in the market for a single 1 ¼” barrel. My hairdryer is still going strong and I could not be happier with how quickly it dries my thick hair.

2 Pack of Hue Perfect Fit Cotton Leggings (July)

Hue leggings have been one of my wardrobe staples for a couple year’s now. They are perfect during colder weather to wear with Uggs and a fleece pullover or with knee length leather boots and a tunic sweater. It may seem silly to purchase leggings in July, but the $14.99 price tag for two pairs of black leggings will make you happy come November that you were thinking ahead. Hue leggings typically sell for quadruple the price at department stores. Even on sale they are never priced as low as they currently are at Costco. My Hue leggings have proved to be durable and most importantly don’t fade after repeated washings. The 2 pack of Hue Perfect Fit Cotton Leggings is currently only available at the Costco warehouse for a limited time.

Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken (June)

Individual packages of caesar and southwestern salads have been a staple in the refrigerated section of Costco for years now. On my most recent Costco excursion I noticed that the Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken had recently joined their ranks. The Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken is an appealing salad option for anyone that prefers fruits to veggies and would like to stay away from creamy dressings. The mango dressing and dried blueberries definitely appealed to my taste buds. I found all of the ingredients to be yummy and fresh. The grape tomatoes were firm and the lettuce crisp. While I prefer to create my own salads and dressings from scratch to avoid the extra sugar and sodium that accompanies pre-packaged salads, there are many days where I need something that is easy to just grab and go without having to take time to wash and chop individual ingredients. If you are looking for a new quick and easy meal option that is healthier than fast food, the Simply Fresh Organic Blueberry Walnut & Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken will be a welcome addition to the salad section of your local Costco Warehouse.

BRUSHONBLOCK Mineral Sunscreen (May)

I was thrilled to spot this brush-on mineral sunscreen at Costco. My dermatologist’s office staff had told me about BRUSHONBLOCK last summer, but it was already sold out when I visited my local warehouse. I immediately grabbed a package when I spotted it at Costco recently. Two spy 30 applicators cost $29.99. An opportunity to try the sunscreen occurred during a sunny, 14 hour day at Disneyland the following weekend. I applied my daily moisturizer with SPF that morning, then applied the BRUSHONBLOCK a couple hours later to ensure that my face remained protected from the sun throughout the day.

In a recent Consumer Reports article they suggested “brushing on a liberal coat of powder sunscreen” over your makeup as an alternative to removing makeup and starting over every time you need to reapply sunscreen.

The sunscreen was easy to apply and best of all eliminated any oiliness that had occurred over the past couple hours. It left my skin feeling fresh and non-greasy. I also gave a quick brush over the tops of my shoulders and chest area. At the end of the day my skin wasn’t pink and I didn’t feel as greasy as I would normally feel after a day in the sun.

If you don’t have the opportunity to visit a Costco warehouse in person I found a similar brush-on sunscreen available online at for $36.99. It is more expensive than BRUSHONBLOCK, but significantly less than the $65.00 it typically retails for at my Dermatologist’s office.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian sunscreen (March)

My favorite sunscreen is back at Costco just in time to stock up for spring break. The Alba Botanica Hawaiian sunscreen pack contains two 50 SPF 6 oz. spray sunscreens and one 45 SPF 3 oz. lotion sunscreen. The coconut clear spray smells wonderful and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

The spray received a 4 rating and the lotion received a 3 rating from the EWG sunscreen guide I mentioned above. The other spray sunscreens available at Costco received a 7 rating according to the EWG. 

The lotion is the perfect size to throw into a small bag for on-the-go application and the spray is quick and easy to apply when you have kiddos that can’t stand still. We go through 1-2 bottles of spray sunscreen for a family of 4 on a beach day. I try to pick up several packages on each visit to Costco during the spring and early summer so that I have a enough sunscreen to see us through the summer.

Last year, the Alba Botanica Hawaiin sunscreen was not available in our warehouse after mid July. Alba Botanica Hawaiian sunscreen Spray sells for $16.99 at Costco compared to $24.99 at a big box store. 

sunscreen available at Costco

Calphalon Premier 11-piece Hard Anodized Space Saving Cookware (February)

I have been in the market for some new cookware for awhile now. My husband and I received a wonderful set of Calphalon pots and pans when we got married, but after 18 years of wear and tear and an unfortunate incident when my most-used pot was accidentally placed in the dishwasher, most of them had seen better days and were becoming more and more difficult to cook with. Cookware can be a huge investment. I knew I wanted something that was tough, nonstick, easy to store and dishwasher safe (just in case ). After reading reviews, shopping around and spending a lot of time hemming and hawing, I finally settled upon the Calphalon Premier 11-piece Hard Anodized Space Saving Cookware. I first saw it recommended as the Top Lab Pick in the Good Housekeeping magazine article The Best Nonstick Cookware Every Home Chef Should Own in 2019. They raved about the fact that “this line combines unbeatable performance with durability.” It also met all of the requirements I listed above. 

The 11 piece set includes:
8″ Fry Pan
10″ Fry  Pan
2.5 Qt. Sauce Pan with Cover
3.5 Qt. Sauce Pan with Cover
3 Qt. Saute Pan with Cover
5 Qt. Dutch Oven with Cover 
4.5 Qt Sauce Pan

This Calpalon set is normally $399 at Costco. It is currently on sale until February 24th for $299! This is a great deal considering that I found 10 piece Calphalon Space Saving Sets elsewhere for $469. If a new set of cookware has been on your to-do list I would take a look at these pots and pans the next time you are at your local Costco warehouse or online at

Munki Munki Pajamas (January)

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The price tag of these Munki Munki pajamas immediately caught my eye at Costco last week. I have paid close to $70 for Munki Munki pajamas in the past and Costco was selling them for a mere $14. Unfortunately, the warehouse was already sold out of my size, so I went home to check and see if they were available online. They were slightly more expensive at, but still a deal at only $19.99. They are available in four different colors and sizes XS through 3X. The grey printed pj’s are the only pair that has limited sizes available. I find they run slightly large and the small was perfect for my size 6/8 hourglass figure. I have been a fan of Munki Munki pj’s since my husband gifted me a pair several years ago. They are by far the softest flannel pajamas in my drawer and I love their super cute prints. My favorite feature are the adjustable, snap cuffs for people like me that are somewhat vertically challenged and need a shorter pants length.

If you spot an awesome product during your next Costco visit, Please, send me a message if you spot an awesome product on your next Costco visit. I would love to check it out and add it to my Costco Favorite Finds list.

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