Tips for Organizing Your Closet

I hope you are all having a good week! It’s been a busy one around here. Our guinea pigs, S’mores and Peanut, are scratching a lot, and losing patches of hair. I’ve had to take them to the veterinarian a couple times now to try and figure out what’s wrong. I’m hoping we will have more answers soon. Have any of you had skin issues with your guinea pig? I also had two “firsts” this week. I was prescribed my very first pair of eye glasses and had my first appointment with a chiropractor due to some back pain I’ve been experiencing. Ummm…Can you tell I’m getting older? πŸ˜‚ #thisis42. I’ve actually always wanted to own a pair of eyeglasses, so I’m kind of excited for this milestone. I’ll post of picture of my new specs when they arrive.

I loved hearing your feedback about the closet post I wrote last week. I’m thrilled that some of you were inspired to try thredUP. Unfortunately, they are not accepting bag requests at this time. Here is the notice they posted on their website:

Thanks for your interest in cleaning out with thredUP! Unfortunately due to overwhelming demand, we can’t fulfill your bag request at this time. Please check in with us at a later date.

Don’t despair, this has happened before. My recommendation would be to check the website in a couple weeks to see if they have are fulfilling bag requests. I found that it took about 6 weeks for them to start accepting bags again when this happened last year.

Today I’m going to share the rest of my closet with you. I have linked several items that I find useful in keeping it all organized. Let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy answer them in either a future post or in another instagram story. You can find the instagram story I shared last week about my closet @parkerpostsinsta under the My Closet Tips story highlight.


The hanging sections of my closet are divided into 7 areas…dresses & skirts, special occasion tops, fall/winter shirts, spring/summer tees & tanks, pants, cardigans and jackets. I use the techniques I talked about here to limit the clothing in each section to items that fit well and I wear regularly.

One exception to my rule regarding cleaning items out of my closet that I haven’t worn in the past 6 months is my special occasion skirt and dress section. I make a point to hold on to classic skirts and dresses that I can wear repeatedly and not look outdated. One example is the dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner. It is a simple red sheath dress that I have pulled out again and again for Christmas Eve mass, cocktail parties and most recently a Valentine’s tea. I have definitely not worn it once a year for the past eighteen years, but it is a classic dress that pairs easily with different shoes and accessories on various occasions. I know that I will continue to wear this special dress for years to come. On the other hand, if you have a dress that you spend the whole night tugging at or it rubs you the wrong way, you should say goodbye to it now. The truth is, no matter how beautiful the dress, you will always end up bypassing it for something that you feel more comfortable wearing.

Closet organization

I am fortunate to have a large number of drawers inside my closet. I grouped similar clothing items together and assigned a drawer to each category. Some drawers are fuller than others. If a drawer becomes difficult to close or impossibly messy, it is time for a clean-out. I’ve noticed that knit maxi-dresses and heavy sweater stretch over time on hangers, so I keep these items in drawers as well as items you would expect to find folded instead of hung.

closet organization

Loungewear is one of the few drawers where I have tops and bottoms mixed together. I love to slip into loungewear after a long day or wear from morning to night on days that I’m not leaving the house. Having one drawer dedicated to my coziest clothing makes it easy to grab.

closet organization

Our house did not possess a single floor length mirror when we moved in, so one of my first purchases was this frameless mirror that I hung in my closet. A full length mirror gives me the confidence to know that my entire look is flattering from head to toe.

Closet organization
full length mirror


Clear bins allow me to easily see my shoe collection and limit my shoe purchases to the number of bins that will fit in the space. If I have my eye on a new pair of shoes it forces me to look and see what shoes I am regularly wearing and if I really need another pair.

closet organization
shoe boxes, tall shoe boxes, linen purse storage

I love that the shoe bins come in different sizes to accommodate different kids of shoes. I find that running shoes fit best in the men’s shoe box. I keep booties, heels and wedges in the tall shoe box.

closet organization
boot boxes, men’s shoe boxes, tall shoe boxes


For years I kept my jewelry tucked away in boxes in my top drawers. I realized that I was weaing the same pieces over and over again and forgetting about favorites simply because they were out of sight. I decided to move all of my everyday jewelry out into the open. Not only is it pretty to look at, but I accessorize with jewelry more frequently and wear different pieces more often.

jewelry organization
acrylic jewelry stand, similar necklace organizer

I was having a hard time figuring out how to display longer necklaces in my closet when I spotted a solution in my friend Niki’s closet. She had attached small wall mounted hooks to hold her necklaces  in a place she could easily access. I was hesitant to put holes into either the wall or my closet shelving, so I chose these adhesive hooks to hold my necklaces in place. They were easy to install and won’t damage the surface if I ever decide to remove them.

jewelry organization
clear jewelry rack

I also attached a large adhesive hook to the back of my closet door to hold items that I am using on a daily basis such as my gym bag and current favorite purse. I tend to wear pajamas a couple times before I put them in the dirty laundry, so I will also hang the pair I am currently wearing on the hook as well.

door hook for closet
adhesive hook (brushed nickel)
closet organization and storage
linen storage boxes

Linen and plastic storage containers serve as a catch-all for like items. The containers keep items from getting dusty and makes your shelves appear less cluttered.

closet organization and storage

A linen box with two compartments holds lint rollers, safety pins, a fabric shaver, and a deodorant removing sponge in one section and shoe polish wipes and leather conditioner for my purses in the other. These are great items to keep on hand in your closet so that you can easily remove pills from  a sweater or polish a pair of scuffed shoes.

Closet Necessities

I love the fact that this hamper makes doing a load of wash so much easier. When one area is getting full I know it is time to do that particular load of laundry. I had a similar style hamper before, but the bag was attached with velcro instead of snaps like this hamper. I found that the velcro tended to come undone if the hamper became to heavy. I also appreciate that the cloth portion can be washed if it becomes soiled or stinky over time. My husband and I share this hamper and there is plenty of room to hold over a couple week’s worth of dirty clothing for both of us.

closet organization
heavy-duty 3-bin rolling laundry sorter

Keeping a step stool in my closet allows me to access items that I store out of reach much more easily than if I had to grab one from elsewhere in the house. I like that this one is lightweight, folds easily and has two steps for those especially hard to reach spots. Since I have extra space in my closet, I also like to keep my suitcases tucked away in a corner. I nestle my smaller cases inside the larger one and also have a dirty laundry bag and travel pillow tucked away inside.

closet organization
folding step stool, luggage

I have always admired friends that have a perfumed scent that quietly envelops you when you go to give them a hug. I find that it is much easier to remember perfume if it is right in front of me when I am getting ready. The bottles are so pretty that it also adds a decorative element to your closet.

closet organization
Florence eau de parfum, Cashmere Mist eau de toilette, Chanel No. 5 hair mist

I have fantasies of one day owning a closet like the one Mr. Big proposed to Carrie inside during the Sex and the City movie. Since that isn’t happening anytime soon, my goal was to create a closet that is as functional and enjoyable to put together outfits and get dressed as possible. What is your favorite thing about your closet?

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    Melissa! This post is highly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your organization techniques! Loving your post!

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