Vendor Spotlight: Frenchy Flags

Jen French is the paint splattered, drill wielding, outgoing owner of Frenchy Flags. She creates rustic flags and signs using reclaimed fence boards. She also offers make-your-own classes at her workshop referred to as The Board Room.

I can’t recall the first time I actually met Jen. I do however remember attending a preschool room parent meeting that she was leading. She was funny, motivating, and had absolutely no filter. Jen is the type of person that people are naturally drawn towards when she enters a room. After preschool our kiddos ended up attending the same elementary school. I remember keeping my fingers crossed each year in hopes that we would end up in the same class because not only were you guaranteed a good time at any class event, she would also volunteer to help the children create the cutest handmade holiday gifts you have ever seen. I can’t tell you how sad I was to be placed in a different class the year she had each student place their orange painted foot prints on a rustic board with the words “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet”. Can you imagine a cuter keepsake?

I was not the only one to admire Jen’s handmade creations. Soon she was being asked to donate the items she made to local charity auctions and fundraisers. Her flags were especially popular and bidding wars would ensue for the privilege of taking one home. Soon friends were asking to buy her pieces and Frenchy Flags was born.

Here are a few of my favorite Frenchy Flag products:

Rustic Flags

Two of Jen’s most popular flags are her American flag and California flag. If you are local, you might have admired the large American Flag she crafted at Worth Ranch. We have one of her California flags hanging above the fireplace in our family cabin at Tahoe. A Frenchy Flags adds a touch of rustic, farmhouse chic to wherever it is hung.

Seasonal Signs

My son saved his money to purchase this Frenchy Flag holiday sign at his elementary school’s holiday boutique. He told me with pride Christmas morning that he knew the moment he saw it that it was the perfect gift for me. Jen’s spring bunny signs are another personal favorite of mine because of the cute little cotton tails attached to the painted bunny’s behind.

DIY Classes at The Board Room

I have attended two of Jen’s DIY classes. The first was to make a holiday card holder and the second was to create a wooden tray with our family monogram and antique handles. Jen patiently taught me how to use a hand sander for the first time and drill the holes for the handles. The Board Room offers a wide variety of projects to choose from including front porch signs, inspirational quotes, team and school logos. Crafty kids love to hold their birthday parties at The Boardroom and adults enjoy letting their creativity flow while producing one of a kind pieces they can display in their home. Class sign-ups are posted on the Frenchy Flags Facebook page or you can contact Frenchy Flags directly to reserve the boardroom for your own group event.

Frenchy Flags will be at these upcoming events:

You can also find Frenchy Flags on Instagram and Facebook.

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